Holiday Enrichment Workshop

One Direction… To Success Motivational Seminar
August 2, 2014
PS Talk 15th November 2014
April 16, 2015

HOLIDAY ENRICHMENT WORKSHOP from 18th-20th December 2014

Organised by : Heads Up Education Consultancy
Instructor cum master trainer : Mr Aidan Chan

TITLE: “The best game is life . Keep asking; keep learning.”
TOPIC: Lifelong learning, having the can-do spirit


Mr. Aidan launched discussions about current issues and invited the participants to brainstorm with him. He went on to focus on technology, food and health. For technology, the aspects covered were the effects of digital technology on our lives, and the possibility that technology and robots will automate many jobs. Participants were invited to give a presentation on what they would advise their children on careers to pursue if they were parents. The participants were charged and took various approaches to advising their “children” on future career paths!


TOPIC: Explore the back-story of how the world functions

The second day of the financial literacy segment involved a discussion of the concept of money; the history of money; how money differs from wealth; and what entrepreneurship involves. Participants were then invited to give a presentation on fundraising for a business they proposed to start. Several interesting ideas were proposed by the participants, such as a printer ink cartridge delivery service, an eco-friendly advertising service for small and medium enterprises, a food booking app for non-franchise restaurants in Subang, and a Nu-Straw, which would give flavouring of choice to water. Participants also critiqued and asked questions on each others’ ideas, allowing a robust exchange of opinions and tweaks to the business.


TOPIC: Explore the back-story of how the world functions

The final day pushed off with a discussion about interest rates and various aspects of the economy, including fiscal policy and monetary policy. In particular, the ways in which these subjects affected the participants were discussed – predatory lending, income taxes, consumer finance, credit card debt, and consumer psychology. Students were asked to discuss and speak on several economic topics, such as Norway’s oil fund, Dutch disease, why the Soviet Union collapsed, and why West Germany and South Korea performed better economically compared to East Germany and North Korea. Participants asked many questions and pageresponded with enthusiasm to practical aspects of this subject.