Sports 2017 – Day 3: Captain Ball Challenge

Sports 2017 – Day 2: Badminton Challenge
September 22, 2017
Sports 2017 – Day 4: Track & Field Challenge
September 24, 2017

On the 3rd day of Heads Up Academy’s Annual Sports Day, 4 teams competed in the Captain Ball tournament. Team members from each House were dressed for the occasion. There were balloons and banners, and even a squeaky toy chicken made its way to the game!

The 1st game saw Blue House pitting against Purple House. The former defeated the latter by a score of 16-9. With that, Blue earned a spot in the finals.

In the other match (Burgundy VS Orange), 2 red cards were flashed when players got carried away in the midst of the excitement. Burgundy House won 16-7, securing its spot in the finals.

In the finals, Burgundy was unstoppable. Cheers echoed not only for each goal but also for good play. After a well-fought match, Burgundy defeated Blue 10-3. Blue claimed a well- deserved 2nd place, and a big Congratulations to the Champions – Burgundy!

Reported by Sara Lee, Y11 HUA