AUSMAT Pitch Competition Finals

First Asian Leadership Forum
August 10, 2018
Chemistry Quiz (Y10 & Y11)
August 10, 2018

Early in the morning, the students set out to Sunway College to attend the AUSMAT Pitch Competition. This year, one of Heads Up’s student (Megan, Year 11) entered the Finals of the competition, so, our school was invited to the university to watch the finals. Reaching the university, we were escorted into a hall where we seated with a great view of the stage, where all the action would be happening.

Each participant was given three minutes to give a talk. After a brief speech by the one of the organisers, the competition began. All of the competitors did very well as they spoke with confidence. They all had really interesting topics which addressed problems that I had never considered. Soon it was Megan’s turn, representing Heads Up with her topic about education. She did a really good job, in my opinion, as she captured the audience’s attention, speaking with
clarity while maintaining her humour and confidence.

At the end of the competition, we were shown to a cafeteria where we were served delicious pineapple fried rice, after which we headed back to the auditorium for the results.

Anxiously, we waited as one by one, participants went up on the stage, but no Megan. Soon it was down to the top five winners. We held our breaths until the second runner-up was announced – it was our Megan! Everyone cheered as she went on stage to collect her prize, a RM10,000 bursary!

Overall, we had a lot of fun listening to all the participants pitch their ideas. It was quite an experience attending the Sunway AUSMAT pitch competition; more so, having one of our own win the second runners-up prize.

By Woo Der Yuan, Y9