Excursion to Plantzania

Chemistry Quiz (Y10 & Y11)
August 10, 2018
Hot Kitchen Workshop
August 10, 2018

On 28 June 2018, the students of Heads Up International went on a fun-filled study trip to Plantzania Ninja Park in Kuala Sawah and got a taste of life outside the city while picking up a few survival skills along the way.

On reaching the farm, we were divided into groups with instructors to guide us around the farm and through various challenges.

Each eager group got their turn to compete in the “Kids Ninja Warrior” arena – a mini parkour course.

We would then try to conquer a “Mystery Escape Room” in thirty minutes, solving complicated puzzles to unlock a secret box. This exercise stretched our analyzing skills and patience.

Later on, we plucked fruits using long traditional bamboo sticks and literally, got to taste the fruit of our labour. We also learned how to fish with earthworms as bait, and yes, some of us got to show off our catch proudly.

Our growling stomachs were at lunch quietened by food cooked on-site, including a delicious bamboo ginger chicken rice cooked slowly over an open fire. We also got to drink coconut water to our heart’s content.

Re-energised, we went on to learn life skills like safely starting a camp fire and having fun with recyclables like knocking down boxes and tins with a giant homemade slingshot – a popular challenge. We even got to plant their own Paulownia trees to do their part in greening the earth.

Throughout the whole experience, we were to keep track of things learned and observed in a booklet, so it was not all fun and play.

The end of an educational, enjoyable day concluded after a group picture. Two buses filled with exhausted young people finally left Plantzania Ninja Park for the city.

Reported by Sarah Tan, Y9