Sports 2018 – Day 2: Captain Ball Challenge

Sports 2018 – Day 1: Badminton Challenge
August 14, 2018
Sports 2018 – Day 3: Track & Field Challenge 1
August 16, 2018

The Heads Up Captain Ball Tournament saw four teams fighting spiritedly for the title. Teams had even prepared decorations and props – Burgundy had boards while Blue had printed badges for their team members. We did some warm-ups at roughly 1.50pm. Immediately after that, the match between Purple and Burgundy officially began.

The match started out with Burgundy going strong, as always, with Purple fighting back as hard as they could. Burgundy’s Catcher easily avoided Purple Defender’s height and long swinging arms. Right from the start, Burgundy led by 8 points while Purple only scored 1 point. This did not, however, stop Purple from playing hard throughout, with both teams displaying a determined fighting spirit. Finally, Purple had to acknowledge defeat with a score of 16 to 2.

After that, it was Blue versus Orange. Blue had scored some goals before half time but sadly, they were all not counted. Orange managed to score 2 points. Both Blue and Orange kept their defenders busy but, Orange were victors of that match. The score, 5-4, was very close.

After a quick break, the Finals of Heads Up 2018 Captain Ball competition began. Burgundy once again dominated the entire match with a score of 9-1. Their strategy was probably to tire out the opposing team in the first half and then striking at the end. Burgundy were the proud champions of the Captain Ball Competition again.

Overall, everyone had a fun afternoon and were very supportive, spirited and cheered for one another.

Reported By Woo Der Yuan, Y9