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Heads-Up kicked off in 2013 as a specialist tutorial centre, running small night and weekend IGCSE/O and A level classes.  Its founder’s vision was, at the time, purely focused on providing students with access to highly qualified and experienced teachers to guide, develop and polish students’ abilities; thus, giving our students the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential in exams.

In 2014, Heads-Up Consultancy was set up as a natural progression since the success of our students also expanded our advisory role.  Heads-Up Consultancy offers consultancy services with regards to CV and personal statement surgery, university application advice, mentoring programme and test preparation.

In January, 2016, Heads-Up Academy opened its doors in response to a crying need for the same high-quality education provided by Heads-Up all these years.  Even though our main focus is still on building a strong IGCSE foundation for our students, we believe education is more than scoring A’s.  Hence, the many extra-curricular activities organised outside the classroom, ranging from sports and games to community service, reflect our belief in educating and developing the whole person.

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.


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