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Liz Birdie Ong
Full scholarship: Sunway AUSMAT

There are so many whom I’d like to thank in my life: my parents, who are paramount in my journeys and achievements, my loved ones, my friends, my teachers, and most importantly, God, to whom I owe everything. By His grace and blessings, for which I am very grateful, I came to this lovely school and made it through my exams, under favourable conditions, safe and sound!

From the perspective of a Year 11 student facing a fast approaching major exam, I definitely did not regret transferring to Heads Up. The teacher at HUA had provided invaluable help, both in getting familiar with the structures of the IGCSE exam and also in my efforts to garner a thorough understanding of my subjects, such as through their life-saving exam techniques, notes, handouts, and explanations. One of the several examples of the care they showed is how, even though I had only about a month of experience in Economics when I enrolled, Ms. Tan patiently helped me overcome my uncertainties and face the exam with more confidence than when I came in. The teacher were most willing to help, especially when the exams drew near, if only we’d ask. In HUA, I met teachers who are specialists, to whom I owe my A*s, as well as many wonderful friends, each of them unique, brilliant, interesting, kind, and fun-loving individuals who broadened my horizon and made my final year in high school a precious experience and a memorable journey


Serena Wong
Full scholarship: INTI Cambridge A-Level

``nothing is impossible``

As a recent alumnus of Heads-Up Academy, I can say I have grown by leaps and bounds academically as well as socially. I was a student who had zero confidence in sitting for the IGCSE examinations two years ago while at my previous school. I remember distinctly scoring two consecutive Ds in my semester exams for Chemistry. At that point in life, I felt lost, hopeless and deep down, what’s worse – I knew I would disappoint my parents. I felt as though a grey future I envisioned was inevitable. On top of that, the stress I was experiencing affected me spiritually, physically and emotionally. The constant anxiety kept me up for nights. When my parents came to know of my struggles, they gave me a choice – continue in my former school or, leave and redo my Year 10 at Heads-Up Academy. I was a student who had jumped two grades, and instinctively, I wanted to maintain the pride of being an able student. Thankfully, at that point, I decided to put my pride aside and set my priorities straight and chose the Heads Up route – a choice I’ve never regretted.

Studying at Heads-Up Academy taught me that nothing is impossible. The proof of that is my IGCSE result for Chemistry – an astounding 92%! Our Chemistry teacher, Ms. Chin is, hands down, one of the best teachers I’ve ever come across. For a person who panics over the smallest quizzes, I felt prepared and confident to face my IGs because Ms. Chin had deeply imprinted the whole Chemistry syllabus in her students’ minds. Out of the 7A*s and 3As I achieved in the 2017 IGCSE examinations, one subject in particular truly took me by surprise. First Language English is regarded as one of the toughest English papers, so, with no reservations do I admit thinking I’d bag a B or a miraculous A. However, under Ms. Jaya’s guidance, I flourished as a writer and a dreamer. She is a phenomenal lady who does not shy away from relaying constructive criticisms when necessary and commending your work when you deserve it. Not only had her feedback motivated me to discover my style of writing, it propelled me forward academically; as lo and behold, in lieu of a B or an A, I scored a jaw-dropping A*!

All the teachers of Heads-Up reflect excellence, because without their knowledge, guidance and patience, (together with my effort), I wouldn’t have achieved this milestone. They have been true gems, and often, I perceived them as motherly or fatherly figures. They are more than just my high school teachers, they are one of the reasons I am proud of who I have become.

Ms Tan, no words can express my gratitude towards you. You introduced Economics to me, and it has very much become integrated into my life. I love Economics just as much as the time I spent at HUA. As Principal, you promised me that not only would I excel in my exams, I would also grow as a person and that there would be endless opportunities waiting for me, so long as I “reached for the stars”. My parents and I are grateful that you delivered on your promise!

Ms. Tan, Ms. Chin, Ms. Jaya. Dr. Khor. Mr. Edmund, Dr. Jonathan,
Ms. Soba, thank you.


Christine Chong
Full scholarship: MCKL Cambridge A-level

''wonderful journey``

I thank and praise God for my IGCSE results. I am overjoyed and truly blessed.

There were many people who had worked hard behind the scenes, that enabled
me to reach for the stars. Firstly, my teachers who developed my strengths and
corrected my mistakes. Secondly, my parents who supported me financially and
encouraged me in good and bad times. Last but not least, my fellow classmates
who helped me through my ups and downs. All these people had walked
alongside me during my two-year journey at Heads Up Academy.

Let me share with you a memorable event at Heads Up Academy. It was during the 2017 Sports challenge when I injured my foot at the start of the
track and field event, and to add salt to the wound, I almost collapsed after the
400m race. What kept me going was the support of my friends, team mates, and
not forgetting the parents who nursed my injury. I was truly grateful for how
everyone rendered their help and support throughout.

It has been a wonderful journey. Thank you, Heads Up Academy!


Daniel Lim Han Jie
Partial Scholarship: Sunway CIMP

``innovative in their methods``

Despite the reservations many parents have over sending their children to a small school such as this, being a part of such a close-knit community has its fair share of benefits, the relative speed at which
friends are made being but one of them. This I can testify to, for the close proximity with my peers was what, in a way, forced me to make friends, allowing a shy me to be at ease. The student body is just as diverse and varied as it would be in a larger school, giving me the opportunity to meet people of
multiple races and/or cultural backgrounds.

Of course, one is also guaranteed increased attention. As earlier mentioned, I was very introverted and generally shunned the opportunity to speak, but class participation was surprisingly unintimidating, given the smaller classes. The teachers themselves are no lacking in quality: innovative in their methods (the kind of which I had never before been on the receiving end of), highly successful in conveying to me the depths of knowledge they possess in their areas of expertise, and always willing to help me when needed. My success, I confess, is owed completely to them. Who would have thought that I would one day achieve the results I did in, say, Biology, admittedly my lowest-performing subject by a considerable margin, or Maths—a subject that started out my most hated but I have now come to love. To put it plainly, they know what they’re doing.

There are, also, no lack of extracurricular activities, for there was as much emphasis placed here on my development and personal growth as there was on the grades on my report card. The many projects I was involved in—whether: leading the Blue house to two consecutive runner- up places in the annual Heads-Up Sports Day; when I volunteered for community service in a refugees’ school nearby; having the honour of emceeing for the two year-end awards ceremonies I attended; the performances and presentations I participated in, embarrassing at the time, but rather fun on hindsight—have taught me different things, and I would be a very different person without the teachings that only such experiences can impart.


Teh Shu Yin

``learnt life lessons``

It has been a wonderful time in Heads Up with teachers and friends who are like my second family. Being able to learn in an accepting and encouraging environment not only enhanced and consolidated my learning, but with amazing teachers, I have also learnt life lessons which are far more valuable. Two years may not seem like long time, but I am beyond thankful for what I have received in and contributed to this family-like school.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my teachers who have been motivating, and trying their utmost to assist me in completing my IGCSE. I would also like to thank my beloved friends as their presence made studying more fun. Undoubtedly, there were stressful periods, but as a class, we went through everything together, like a family.

I am so thankful to have had teachers and friends from Heads Up and appreciate everyone for having been so supportive!


Hannah Siau Eik Xin

``kind and loving teachers``

During the two years at Heads Up Academy, I had made many good friends who helped me through my tough times. They would patiently explain to me questions that I didn’t understand. Undoubtedly, we had grown up and experienced many things together in these two years at Heads Up, and high school life felt so much more lively and fun with them.

Aside from my peers, I had also met many kind and loving teachers. Some even used their free time to help me improve and learn more about a subject.

Without the help of my peers and teachers, I wouldn’t have achieved the results I aimed for. I really felt loved by the Heads Up family and am convinced that I had made the right choice to study at Heads Up Academy.


Asiya Ishaaq

``valuable lessons``

I am very grateful to God for blessing me with the opportunity to study at Heads Up Academy. He had provided me with all my needs throughout the two years’ course.

I am also thankful to Ms.Tan for accepting me as her student and for all the community services that she exposed the students to. Our knowledge was not just confined within the school premises, but we were blessed with opportunities to serve the community
around us.

Not forgetting my teachers who taught me valuable lessons not just in class but even after school hours. I don’t have enough words to thank Dr. Jonathan who spent hours
after school answering my unending Physics questions & teaching me Add. Maths. Despite knowing that I was weak at both of these subjects, he did not give up on me and prevented me from dropping the subjects. My grades for Add. Math and Physics were boosted from D’s & C’s to A & A* respectively! A big Thank You to each of my other teachers: Dr Khor, for bringing in the latest science researches which not only made Biology classes more interesting but also widened our world view. Ms. Chin, for making Chemistry easier for me despite its complexity, and for being very organized and detailed. Ms Suba, you’ve always being ready to encourage anyone who was down; Ms. Jaya for supporting me when I decided to do O’ levels English instead of ESL and for willing to journey with me through my essays. Not to forget Mr. Edmund who was always a friendly teacher. Last but not least, I truly appreciate and thank all my sponsors. Without you, I would never have had the chance to do IGCSE.

Although the journey was not easy, my teachers, loved ones and friends were always there for me. I would like to leave a quote by Confucius with all my fellow graduates and the newbees at Heads Up that says, “It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”


Chin Xin Ping, Jamie
Partial scholarship: Sunway AUSMAT

``supportive and genuine``

Being in Heads-up has been a fun experience and the people there were so warm and loving —from teachers to friends. I love how tightly-knitted everyone was, and school definitely made us closer through sports, group presentations and plays, mentoring each other, and simply just hanging
out with one another.

Heads Up teachers were good and answered all questions, even the ones beyond our syllabus. They were so supportive as well, genuinely teaching us values and caring for us. They carried us through our IGCSE from start to finish, like giving us revision and typed-out notes within our IGCSE examination period. Although hard work was a crucial part of the equation, Heads Up teachers made our goals much more realistic and attainable.


Noor Daniatun
Partial scholarship: Nottingham International College, UK(Foundation)

``kind and patient teachers``

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers who have taught me. Without their guidance and help, I wouldn’t be where I am now. The thing I liked most about HUA were the kind and patient teachers who would make sure you understood everything that has been taught and even if you still had questions after the class had ended, they would sacrifice
their time for you. They really had hope in you and believed that you could
achieve your goals, and I found that really encouraging. Also, the group work
activities and discussions were super beneficial.

A huge thanks to my classmates as well, for always lending a helping hand no matter what. They’re definitely one of the friendliest group of people I know, and they made my last two years of high school incredibly fun.


Sara Lee Li Shewn
Partial scholarship: Sunway CAT-ACCA

``gained much memories``

Firstly, hats off to the experienced and patient teachers who tirelessly guided me through my challenging year. Ms Chin, who provided complete notes which were easy to understand; Dr Khor who guided me through the tough questions and explained them in simplified ways.

Furthermore, I would say that Ms Jaya is by far the best English teacher. She
pinpointed the areas I needed to improve on and I truly owe my A to her! And of course, a big thank you to Mr Edmund for always believing in me and giving me the confidence to do well. Lastly but not least, a special mention to Ms Soba who prepared me well for the national language.

I must say it’s not all work and no play here at Heads Up Academy.
Although I’ve only spent a year here, I’ve gained so much more memories.
I enjoyed the weekly PE sessions, in-house talks, field trips and a fun and
memorable Sports Day.

It has been a wonderful journey. Thank you my teachers and friends!


Toh Jern Yoong
Partial scholarship: MCKL ADTP

``forever grateful``

I want to start off by thanking each and every one of the teachers who showed and taught me the way to success during my IGCSE journey. Some played a huge role in my IGCSE results, and I will be forever grateful to them.

Heads Up Academy had been a very safe place, I would say, to also help me develop leadership and social skills. The friends I had around me always helped,
understood and guided each other, just as iron sharpens iron. Regardless of tensions or celebrations, we went through them all like a family.

Despite having to shift my focus from badminton and several other sports to studies, I was impressed that Heads Up provided a very comprehensive sports activity every Wednesday for students like me to show their sporting abilities.

Overall, Heads Up left me with many bittersweet memories that will stay with me for a very long time.


Partial scholarship: INTI Cambridge A-Level

``more confident``

It was an amazing experience to join Heads Up. Every moment I’ve spent with classmates, juniors, teachers, Ms Wong and Ms Cheryl will be cherished. Although it was only 2 years, we students bonded really quickly and became like brothers and sisters.

I have to thank all the Heads Up teachers for guiding me throughout my IGCSE journey. Without your help and continuous support, I wouldn’t have come this far. It was really easy to focus in class as there were only 16 of us, receiving personalized attention – the ideal classroom environment.

The Communications class played an important role in building my character. Not only did I become more confident, but I also got to learn to see things from different perspectives. I am able to think more openly than before. A shout-out to Ms Jaqueline!

I’ll never forget our fun sport sessions, group projects and mini skits too. I’m beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in community service and be a volunteer at the 29th United Voice Fundraising Fair.


Joey Tan

``high standards of teaching``

Frankly, I was studying against the clock throughout this entire nerve-racking season of exams.

I’m beyond grateful to have met teachers in Heads-up who would go the extra mile to be there for me whenever I needed help including replying to my never ending questions on whatsapp right up to the night of my exams.

I may not be the most outstanding student in the class, but they never fail to reassure me that I can still do better. What I’ve achieved today will not be made possible without the help of my kind teachers.

Heads-up Academy may lack facilities compared to other prestigious institutions in some ways, but the high standards of teaching here is comparable or even a level above those available in the education industry.

Another Students


Jason Yap Jia Wei

``passionate and caring``

“I love how passionate and caring the teachers are at Heads-Up. They are always there for us, sacrificing their time for us.

I really, really appreciate every single one of them!!”


Mervin Lee

``friendly atmosphere``

“The two years before the IGCSE exam are exceptionally crucial. It’s those two years that truly shape and prepare us for
college life and the final exam itself. I am pleased to have spent those two years in Heads Up Academy. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere there and the fact that the teachers were really close to the students and very knowledgeable and highly skilled in the art of teaching. Apart from that, HUA not only focuses on academics, but also on building good character and many other attributes which prepares us to face the world.”


Rheanna Yeo Li Ann

``be you``

To all who are reading this, I want to reassure you that no matter how often you have failed, its A-OKAY. You may fail in some of your tests, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll never get an A in life. I live by these words: BE YOU to keep me going because when you let yourself do that, you’ve gotten the A in life that you’ve been working for the entire time. I believe that’s where the authentic self and ability will be shown. Hence, let failure build you, not destroy you.

BE YOU, cause you’re beautiful.