‘Saya Suka Bake’ Workshop

Venue: INTI School of Hospitality Subang

Date: 22 July 2017, Saturday

As we stepped into the baking training room, we were greeted by the pleasant aroma of bread and flour. After washing our hands, we immediately started the baking process.

We were firstly taught the steps of making the Mexican Bread (Roti John) filling. I have to admit, the filling was very nice and sweet. It was very addictive. Then, we were taught how to roll the dough and apply the filling. The handmade dough with filling was then set aside to proof. After and hour or so, the risen dough was taken out and we were taught how to apply the coffee icing on top. The final product was then placed in the oven to bake.

We were then taught to bake another type of soft bread. It was just like the previous process, but without the filling and sesame seeds were sprinkled on top of the buns. We were also shown how the dough was made since the previous dough we used was ready-made. We then had our very delicious lunch and that was the end of our interesting and educational trip. I really had a great time.

A bunch of amateurs we were, but we could not help feeling like professionals when we stepped into the land where the bakers work their magic.

Reported by Woo Der Yuan, Y7/8 HUA

Our mission was to bake soft bread and Mexican buns. Ooo … we could not wait to take a bite!

Both pastry chefs made it look easy. Their experienced hands went through the whole process ever so confidently.

Next, our turn! We had fun weighing the dough, piping, frosting, applying the ‘eggwash’ (to add shine) & sprinkling on sesame seeds and parmesan cheese to decorate the naked buns.

The smell of freshly-baked buns wafted through the kitchen as we sat waiting eagerly. I swear my stomach was rumbling, making demands…Yum yum! We devoured our buns within seconds!

It was our first baking workshop and we are (or at least me????) hungry for more!

Reported by Sean Lee, Y7/8 HUA


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