Specialist Tutors

Ms Tan Hwee Yong
(Founder/Economics Tutor)​

B.A. ( Economics ) Hons, University of Malaya, M.P.A University of Malaya

​Equipping and sending students to world renowned university including Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, LSE, UCL, Bristol, Imperial College, Melbourne, Monash, National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Renmin University of China.

Preparing students for entrance examination to UK’s leading boarding schools such as Harrow, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Benenden, Marlborough College and Oundle.

Senior Economics Lecturer - Sunway University

Provide consultation and coaching on students’ university application

Maintaining tradition of excellence in A-level Programme, obtained 100% passes in June CIE A2 examination, more than 50% of my students scored A in Economics in June CIE AS examination with Beh Shao Min emerged as Top in Malaysia in Cambridge Brilliance in Malaysia award.

Tutor - University of Malaya

Tutoring students from Faculty of Economics and Administration.

Marking examination scripts.

Fellow - University of Malaya

Awarded fellowship in second year of postgraduate degree for my outstanding research work on empowering rural women through micro-credit programme by Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM). AIM is a replication of Grameen Bank of Bangladesh, an anti-poverty programme pioneered by professor Mohammed Yunus, who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2006

Keio University, Japan, 1994

Recommended by Vice Chancellor of University Malaya and awarded by Keio University, Japan as P.hD candidate in Quality Management.

Ms May Khew
(English Tutor)

A qualified TESL teacher with a wide range of teaching experience, from colleges to international schools, both locally and abroad, has been invited to be our associate in Heads-up Tutorial to extend her services to the Subang area.

Ms Chin Fui Leng
(Chemistry Tutor)

Academic Qualifications:
MSc in Food Biotechnology, University of Strathclyde, UK 1994
BSc in Applied Science with Computing, Campbell University, USA 1993
Diploma in Applied Science with Computing, TAR College, Malaysia 1993

Sunway University Senior Chemistry Lecturer 2002 - 2015
    Obtained 100% passes in both June and November 2014 AS /A2 exams,
    More than 77% of her students have obtained A* and A grades in Chemistry.

KDU College Chemistry Lecturer 1995 – 2002
S.M. K. Kuara Chemistry Teacher 1994 – 1995
Majulah Koko Sdn. Bhd. Chemist 1993

Mr. Goh Chun Yong 吴俊荣老师

(Chinese Tutor)


Mr. Goh is a highly qualified and trained teacher for Chinese Language and History from Kaohsiung University of Taiwan. During his university days, he has received notable awards in writing, debates and public speaking in Chinese.


Mr Goh has a wealth of experience in teaching Chinese, both abroad and in Malaysia to students at various levels. He has taught Chinese language in private colleges and Chinese independent schools. He is also involved in life coaching.


Our other much sought after tutor has had years of experience in teaching General Paper and Thinking skills at ‘A’ levels; IGCSE First Language English, and English Literature; and the IELTS preparatory course.

Our tutor team is well established in the KL/PJ area among students in international schools and colleges. Their extensive experience in preparing students for established standardised English tests such as IELTS, TOEFL and SAT, gives them the credentials to lay a strong groundwork for our Heads-Up English students.



Our biology lecturers cum tutors are highly sought after as they are experience in preparing pre-medical and other science stream students. Students under their wings have entered MIT, Cambridge and Monash (Malaysia Campus), as well as local medical colleges namely IMU and Melaka Manipal Medical College.

In November 2012 A-levels AS exam, 78% score grade “A” in Biology. In June A2 exam, 80% obtained A & A*


Our chemistry team have been in the education industry (A-levels) for 20 years and has excellent track records. In the recent June 2012 A-levels A2 exam, more than 60% of one of our tutor’s students have obtained A* and A grades in Chemistry.

They have coached students into entering world renowned universities such as Cambridge, Imperial, University of Leeds, University of Melbourne and Monash University particularly for engineering and medical degrees.

They have also been tutoring and equipping IGCSE and A-levels students to ace examinations.


Students who have been guided our physics team have pursued degrees in actuarial science, medicine and engineering at world renown universities.

One of our Physics teacher has been around in A-levels industry for 35 years. He has a proven record of helping students with mediocre score to achive A and A* grade in final A2 examination.


Our Maths specialist tutor are versatile in teaching various levels of mathematics. They have coached students ranging from pre-U to engineering mathematics. Their students have won Top in the World, Cambridge Brilliance Awards in recent July 2011 exam at AS level.

Details of our specialist tutors’ credentials will be disclosed upon request during face-to-face consultation.