Sports Day 3: Track & Field Challenge

Last Saturday, chosen senior students of Heads-Up International attended a workshop in Sunway University called S.A.L.T, or Sunway Ambassador Leadership Trek. This workshop was organised by the student ambassadors of Sunway University. Students of Heads-Up International were joined by hundreds of other students from schools as far away as Malacca. The aim of this workshop was to give the students a wider perspective on what they know about leadership and train them as leaders.

The first half of the workshop started by dividing all the participants into 40 groups. Each group was then sent to stations where they played games such as ‘Battlerena’, a game similar to chess but with an explosive twist! These activities were tailored to train students to become leaders and give them an insight on values of leadership, which are transparency, influence, proactivity and self-sacrifice.

For the second half of the workshop, we had a scrumptious lunch before continuing the other activities, which were called ‘Series’ and ‘Parallel’. Both activities gave students the opportunity to step up as leaders and taught them when to do so. The workshop ended at 4pm with a prize-giving ceremony and a closing speech from the student ambassadors of Sunway University.

Reported By Jing Sian, Y10


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