Bread Making Workshop

Hot Kitchen Workshop
August 10, 2018
Coffee Brewing & Latte Art Workshop
August 10, 2018

These days, many people bake buns using preservatives, but at INTI, we were taught to use only natural ingredients to bake delicious bread by Chef Eddie. Milk, butter and eggs are all you need. Do not look down on them as they are enough to make a mouth- watering bun filling. All you need to do is to put the filling onto the dough, wrap it, then, squeeze coffee paste on its surface before baking it in an oven at 36° Celsius. Tada! A tasty, yet aromatic coffee-topped milk bun! I can promise you, just looking at it will make you drool!

From this activity, I learned that to bake a bun, you must have patience. I really enjoyed this fun-filled activity and hope that there will be more like it next time.

Reported by Heeno Chong, Y7/8