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The Covid-19 pandemic had forced education online. Parents were at their wits end trying to make the best of this new norm of virtual education while at the same time, still desiring to give their children the best education possible.

We understand. We were there when stress and anxiety reigned at the start of switching to virtual classes. Heads Up and its team of teachers faced a steep learning curve with resilience and resourcefulness. Our teachers are ready and capable of running both virtual AND physical lessons effectively.

Our tutoring programme is flexible and customizable. Students can choose subjects, classes and schedules that suit their individual needs.

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  • Ruby Seet


    2020 was an unconventional year. Whether it was as amazing as the world had hoped is certainly debatable but personally, 2020 was a good year for me. I will always be incredibly grateful for the growth I had that year.

    I would like to thank my family for loving and supporting me unconditionally. I would like to thank all my teachers for teaching and believing in me. It is always nice to learn while being surrounded by people who genuinely want you to excel and succeed. I would also like to thank my classmates 😀 and teachers 👩🏻‍🏫 for being a part of the wonderful and supportive environment I learned and grew up in 2020.

    I never took a day for granted when going to Heads Up because I knew that my time there would not last forever. I had a lot of fun and made the most of every day. At Heads Up, I was able to meet awesome people who I will be calling my friends for a long time. ❤️

    I received quality education and was taught by experienced, efficient and knowledgeable teachers who I could always ask for help from if I needed it. Although 2020 had its ups and downs, my high school year still ended with a bang.

    So a big thank you to everyone 😊

  • Ryan Tan Zhi Han


    It was early January, 2019 that I entered Year 10 at Heads Up International. Looking back on the two years I spent in this school, it is without a doubt that I have improved in academics and grown in confidence.

    In terms of academics, Year 10 was not an easy year for me. The subjects I thought I was comfortable with, suddenly became new and unfamiliar, with new topics being introduced constantly. On top of this, I had to deal with entirely new subjects, Accounting and Economics. Over time, with the help of teachers who explained topics effectively, I was able to understand the overall concepts of each subject well.

    As 2019 came to a close, the Coronavirus pandemic turned the whole world upside down, with schools having to resort to online learning from the middle of March 2020 – our exam year! In spite of the unfortunate turn of events, Ms Tan and all my other teachers managed to smoothly and quickly transition to an online class setting, tackling the pandemic situation with very commendable proficiency.

    Although my class and I were able to go back to normal lessons by the middle of July, time was still of the essence for all of us as we continued to prepare for our IGCSE. Thankfully, my teachers were always open to any questions I had, and their guidance on how to approach exam papers helped me very much to overcome the issues that came with the pandemic.

    Considering the challenging two years at Heads Up, I am extremely thankful for all the immense support my teachers gave me throughout my time at Heads Up. They had the utmost confidence that I would be able to perform well in my IGCSE – even when I, quite frankly, did not even believe in myself. All my teachers are, well and truly, second to none.

  • Tan Soon Kang


    First of all, I would like to thank my parents for supporting me financially and spiritually. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far. Next, I would like to thank my enthusiastic and caring teachers. They have helped me a lot throughout the year, especially before the exam. I continuously threw questions at my teachers whenever they came to mind. So, I have to give them credit for their patience.

    My journey at Heads Up was like climbing a mountain, spending approximately 2 years of it at the bottom. I started climbing 4 months before the exams and through relentless hard work and discipline, I finally made it to the top.
    To be honest, I regret not studying seriously during the MCO period because I believe I could have done better if I had used that time wisely. Online classes were not easy. It was quite challenging for us to stay focused, so, I want to thank all the teachers for staying by our side throughout.

    Our teachers at Heads Up are very experienced. However, please do not take this for granted as good teachers don’t guarantee good students. I believe that true work must come from the students themselves.

    I remember getting 4C’s and 2B’s for my mock exam, 2 months before the IGCSE. I finally achieved 6A*’s, 2A’s and 1B. So, to my juniors out there, do not worry or pressure yourself too much if you do not do well at the start. Stay focused, work hard and prepare yourself and you will be ready to shine when the time comes.

    Last but not least, Heads Up, thank you for the past two and a half years. I wish you all the best.

  • Sean Lee


    Every Heads Up teacher is different and unique in his or her own way. Teaching style, sternness, humour, or personality may differ, but the common trait shared among the entire school staff is that they get the job done, and they do it exceptionally well. The admins are also fun and friendly. They were always great to have conversations with, whether it was for keeping us in line or joking around between classes.

    Oftentimes, I found that the only limitation was myself – my laziness, plus my lack of effort, seriousness and focus. The school, however, provided me with all the building blocks needed to further myself. So I managed to overcome my flaws to achieve my desired grades and more.

    I am glad that I made the right choice to study at Heads Up. Not only have I been taught under the guidance of great teachers who excelled at their work, but I have made wonderful friends along the way too.

  • Iris Low Kai En


    As I was homeschooled before joining Heads Up, I was worried that I would not be able to catch up with all the syllabus. However, the guidance and advice from experienced and devoted teachers have definitely helped me achieve remarkable results.

    My Heads Up journey was like a roller coaster— my grades were going up and down. Not to mention, my result slips were really colourful as I had grades ranging from A’s to D’s. Moreover, MCO happened, which meant everything moved online. I began to doubt myself, wondering whether I was ready to sit for the big exam if bad results kept coming my way. But because of my supportive teachers, I was able to push on and work hard. I am eternally grateful for my teachers who never gave up on me even when I was at my end-point. I want to thank ALL the teachers who have gone through thick and thin to teach us, especially Ms Chin, for having so much confidence in me and telling me I was able to excel my Chemistry paper.

    Being in Heads Up has been an extraordinary experience – from loving teachers to fun and reliable friends. I appreciate all the friends I have made – you made my experience in Heads Up so much better. I will never forget the memories, like the time when we planned to stay back in school to study together, but ended up turning it into a party session after 10 minutes of work.

    So, Heads Up, thank you for the unforgettable memories. I have surely spent one of the best two years of my life during my time here.

  • Sarah Tan


    Having to take IGs in the middle of a pandemic was not easy but thanks to the teachers at Heads Up, I was able to pull through and get decent results. It was a shame I did not get to spend as much time with my classmates due to being stuck at home, but still, I have formed unbreakable bonds with some of them.

    Many thanks to my Year 11 teachers, especially Ms Tan, who helped me get an A* in Economics, and an A in Business Studies despite only learning it for less than 6 months; and Ms Chin, even though I had thought I was hopeless in Chemistry. Also, not forgetting the teachers who taught me during my earlier years in Heads Up, especially, Ms Michelle, my all-time favorite teacher who taught me English in Y8 and 9.

    BMy time at Heads Up was nothing short of interesting, and I’m glad I had the chance to spend my high school years there.

  • Jamie & Edmund Seet

    Parents of Ruby Seet

    “Ruby wanted a school that was conducive to learning and focused on what matters. It was then that a friend shared how Heads Up had greatly helped her son improve and excel. So, we decided to check out Heads Up. Although it did not have the facilities her previous school had, it was exactly what she wanted.

    Heads Up provided a conducive learning environment where her peers were friendly and found ways to work well with each other. They also had dedicated and experienced teachers to teach and guide them, so they understood the subjects well.

    We are very grateful to Ms Tan, the Principal, for taking the time to go through with us regarding her subjects and advising us accordingly. We are also grateful to all the committed teachers who took time to communicate with the students, even after office hours, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was, without a doubt, difficult for both students and teachers to have classes online, but with her teachers’ dedication and understanding, Ruby was able to perform to the best of her potential.

    Thank you very much to Class 2020 and Heads Up.”

  • Samuel & Lily Low

    Parents of Iris Low

    “Iris was with Heads Up International for two years, completing her Year 11 in 2020. Coming from a homeschooling background, she had a bit of a culture shock in the beginning. We remember her coming home unhappy and struggling to fit in.

    However, with much encouragement from the Principal, Ms Tan, she gradually found her place. We appreciate Ms Tan for keeping the communication line open with us. She always made time to see us and chat over how we could help Iris adjust in class.

    Her subject teachers not only taught her well; they were her cheerleaders too. They often encouraged her and were willing to give her time whenever she needed to clarify topics. Iris made really good friends at Heads Up International. They cheered each other on and helped each other out. Students at Heads Up International are often reminded to carry themselves with positive character traits, which was good to know for us.

    Heads Up International has played a part in Iris’ growth during her time there. We would like to thank Ms Tan and all her teachers for their guidance throughout the 2 years.”

  • Karen & CH Woo

    Parents of Woo Der Yuan

    “With the abundance of private and international schools to choose from, it was indeed a dilemma for us, initially, to entrust Der Yuan to the right school. After all, other than academic achievements, being able to participate actively in co-curricular activities and to build leadership and managing teamwork were also our considerations in the choice of school we had decided upon.

    In all aspects, Heads-Up International has fulfilled our expectations as Der Yuan is able to balance both his academic and non-academic endeavors throughout his four years in the school. A big shout-out to Miss Tan, the principal and all teachers for the guidance and advice they have provided that has given Der Yuan a positive and fruitful secondary experience. With all that he has learnt in Heads Up, we are sure that he will embark on his next chapter in life with much enthusiasm and confidence.”

  • Christine & Danny Tan

    Parents of Sarah Tan

    “When Sarah joined Heads Up in Year 8, she experienced a wide range of activities besides academics, such as taking part in sports events, school outings and even a visit to a soup kitchen to help out. She was also given the opportunity to be a House Captain and learnt responsibility and leadership skills.

    The teachers at Heads Up have really helped Sarah to achieve good results for the IGCSE exams. Sarah was not overloaded with homework, but the class lessons and drilling in past year papers have helped her to do well. A big thank you to all the teachers who have guided Sarah along the way, and especially, Ms Michelle, who has been such an encouragement, motivation and dedicated teacher to Sarah.

    A big thank you to Ms Tan, the Principal, and also Sarah’s Economics and Business Studies teacher. Your concern and care for your students are evident in all you do. Sarah’s keenness in doing your assignments is testament of how interesting you make your lessons. Your feedback and engagement with us parents is most appreciated; always keeping us updated on our children’s progress along the way.”

    Teachers, your lessons and guidance are deeply appreciated. Sean dedicates his A*s to you all.”

  • Beng Lee & Wendy Tan

    Parents of Ryan Tan

    “We returned to Malaysia in 2016 after many years of living overseas. One of the major adjustments we had to make was Ryan’s education. Fortunately, he had adjusted well to his school in Penang. However, in the following year, we had to move to KL. The unfamiliar system and culture in his new school in KL had adversely affected his motivation for learning – that was until he came to Heads Up International.

    Ryan regained his confidence and love for studying thanks to the encouragement given to him by the Principal, as well as the dedicated and very experienced team of teachers. We were also very pleased with the administrative and support staff of the school, especially in the area of communicating with parents.

    The school also responded very well to the pandemic crisis. It is commendable that they were able to start the online classes almost immediately after the MCO was announced in March 2020. All of this had led to Ryan’s good IGCSE results.

    We are so grateful to God for Heads Up International. This school has made a tremendous impact in Ryan’s life, preparing him well for his next chapter in college.”

  • Mimi Liew

    Parent of Sean Lee

    “Everything was pretty routine till MCO was implemented in late March 2020. Initial reaction – yay! More zzz, mask-free, stay in, stay safe. Online lessons started quite soon, albeit with some initial hiccups. Overall, they went well. Was really impressed with how fast the teachers learned the ropes of online teaching. Sean was slightly distracted whenever I went near his ‘study area’, but I could not help listening to how passionate and knowledgeable the teachers were in delivering effective lessons to a bunch of teenagers.

    Fast forward, physical classes resumed in early July. SOP guidelines were strictly adhered to. Sean was thrilled to see his teachers and friends again. That term was crucial in completing and preparing students for forthcoming IGCSE exams. Heartfelt gratitude to teachers who adapted and rose to the challenge. Sean did not go for the evidence-based exams last May. Hence, for him to take on everything at one go seemed rather nerve-wracking, well, at least to me! My husband never gave him any pressure to excel.

    Months became weeks as IGCSE exams drew nearer; it was crunch time. I asked myself if I should turn into a tiger mom, as Sean was as cool as a cucumber and definitely not feeling the exam heat. Sean, being as laid back as he is, convinced me to chill instead. Fine. I trusted that his teachers got his back and he was in good hands. Indeed he was!

    Teachers, your lessons and guidance are deeply appreciated. Sean dedicates his A*s to you all.”

  • Mr & Mrs Dennis Tan

    Parents of Tan Soon Khang

    “We were very concerned about Soon Khang’s academic progress during the pandemic & MCO, as the lessons were mostly online. He finally received very good IGCSE results, I think the effective coaching and the support from his loving teachers were the determining factors. “