School of Tomorrow

Hybrid Learning Model

Based on our three-month MCO virtual school experience and the subsequent findings from our survey, a standalone virtual school may not be the best solution for all students.


A New Norm For Education

Although quite a number of our students were not ready for online lessons due to a lack of discipline, focus and supervision, there was interesting feedback from another group of students who felt that online schooling was great and IS a learning style well suited to them. They were able to receive personalised teaching from teachers without the usual distraction or background noise in the regular classroom. Hence, hybrid learning is a possible new norm for selected students. Students should be put through an orientation programme prior to joining the virtual school to build a bond with their teachers and classmates. Besides, the curriculum delivery need to be planned ahead and cover more details, while assessment weightage would be more on project-based assignments and less on standardised written exams. Also, in-campus intensive revision seminars at the end of semesters may prove to be helpful for student-to-teacher and student-to-student bonding and in overcoming any shortfalls of virtual schooling. An ideal combination of in-person learning and online learning is a possible new norm school model.


Be The First Intake For Our Virtual School

Despite the challenges, hybrid learning may prove to be a more ideal ‘school of tomorrow’ as we may face many more lost school days due to Covid-19 or any other future threats to regular classroom schools.

Heads Up will build on our recent MCO’s positive experience to recruit our first intake for our VIRTUAL SCHOOL starting January, 2021. Look no further, contact us at 012-6970165 today!