Our Story

Heads Up International kicked off in 2013 as a specialist tutorial centre, running small night and weekend IGCSE/O and A level classes. Its founder’s vision was, at the time, purely focused on providing students with access to highly qualified and experienced teachers to guide, develop and polish students’ abilities; thus, giving our students the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential in exams.

In January, 2016, Heads Up International opened its doors in response to a crying need for the same high-quality education provided by Heads Up all these years. Even though our main focus is still on building a strong IGCSE foundation for our students, we believe education is more than scoring A’s. Hence, the many extra-curricular activities organised outside the classroom, ranging from sports and games to community service, reflect our belief in educating and developing the whole person.


We Prepare You for Your Future

Heads Up encourages students to step out of the shackles of the classroom and explore the world outside

Community Services

Cultivate Empathetic,
Respectful, Responsible Individuals

We place great emphasis on helping our students build strong connections with each other while encouraging good manners and developing soft skills. Heads Up strives to instill good morals and values through its character-building programme.


Learn Beyond the Classroom

We provide enrichment activities, field trips, sports or educational excursions, allowing students to make meaningful links between textbook content and the world beyond their classrooms.

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA)

Develop Essential Life Skills

We are committed to a well-rounded education. Students will have the opportunity to develop their talents and interests through many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The activities are led by school staff or professional coaches and instructors. Some examples of the clubs and activities include:

Public Speaking, Coding, Japanese and Korean language Club. Our students can participate in excursions, events and competitions that provide both valuable learning experiences and enhance their understanding of other cultures and nurture friendships.

Sports house system

Promote Camaraderie and Team Spirit

The Sports House System is an integral part of the Heads Up family. New students will be placed in one of our four Houses, namely, Burgundy, Orange, Blue and Purple. Each House has a Captain and meets weekly at a sports complex located near our school for sports and games. In addition, Inter House Competitions including Cooking, Mini Ted Talk, Festive Decoration and so on, are held to promote camaraderie, team spirit and leadership qualities.

All House competitions culminate in our popular and much-awaited Heads Up Annual Sports Challenge.