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April 16, 2015
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November 7, 2016


Dear Parents/Students,

We are delighted to announce that we will start our day school for secondary school students (ages12-18) as an alternative pathway to college, starting January 2016.  This will be our first intake of Lower Secondary (Year 7-9) and Upper Secondary (Year 10-11) students.  The syllabus will be based on the internationally-renowned Cambridge IGCSE curriculum.

The IGCSE curriculum balances academic rigour with creative interests.  Students are exposed to fun and fruitful learning, participating in class discussions, and exploring issues and ideas with confidence.  Just as German industries focus on practical experiences and apprenticeships, we would like to go beyond getting students to merely pass exams.  Enrichment activities regarding financial literacy and current issues are in the pipeline.  Field trips or educational excursions to institutions like FRIM, BFM radio stations, Bank Negara and so on will be organized, allowing students to make meaningful links between textbook content and the world beyond their classrooms.  Furthermore, sports and games sessions will be held on a regular basis to meet the needs of our energetic teenage students.

Beside our trademark of academic excellence, our ultimate aim at Heads Up Academy is to nurture our students holistically, develop their multiple intelligence and unleash their full potential in a highly encouraging and inspiring learning environment, so they can reach for the stars.

The registered name of our school is Heads Up Academy, located at 14-6 USJ 9/5T, Subang Business Centre, sharing the same lift as our current Heads Up headquarters.

Heads Up Academy is ready to receive students who have completed their UPSR/Primary education, or are public school leavers and are thinking of reaping the benefits of an international school education at affordable prices.  We also welcome homeschooling children intending to obtain IGCSE qualifications to join us in your educational journey.  Our systematic approach will equip you to ace the eventual IGCSE exam more confidently.

Should you be interested in Heads Up Academy, do call our Admissions Office at 03-58797765 or 012-6970165 to confirm your places for briefing and assessment sessions.