One Direction… To Success Motivational Seminar

Holiday Enrichment Workshop
December 18, 2014

We were glad to see a good mix of parents and students attending our seminar entitled “One Direction… To Success” on the 2nd of August.

Organised by : Heads-Up Education Consultancy
Speaker : Mr Aidan Chan
Venue : Subang Empire Hotel
Sponsored by : GES Global Educational services
Date : 2 August 2014

Our speaker Aidan Chan gave constructive and relevant advice for students and parents alike. A graduate of Cambridge University, he spoke about the need to read widely above and beyond one’s curriculum. The world is changing very fast and we do not know what knowledge may be useful for us in the future, so reading opportunistically in non-fiction is a good move.

He also cautioned us to be moderate and cautious in our use of social media and not waste our time. He added that success in life is largely down to impulse control. Self-discipline and delayed gratification will pave the way to success, something that this generation should remember.

Finally, he gave revision tips, some of which are already well-known, such as sufficient sleep, changing one’s study environment, group study, taking tests, alternating between different subjects for revision, and so on.

Meanwhile, Ms Rachel Teh from GES Educational Services Malaysia also shared her expertise in university placement and education pathway.

We hope everyone benefited from this event and would like to wish all students sitting for exams soon the best of luck!