Chemistry Project

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October 5, 2021
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October 5, 2021

Chemistry Projects by Year 10 Students

As part of their Chemistry subject, our Year 10 students were tasked with creating innovative ways to explain their understanding of anions, cations, acids, and covalent compounds! Each group brainstormed their own unique way. The students truly outdid themselves by coming up with creative ways to fulfill the task.

Mike’s Group

Members: Mike, Izabel, Jonathan and Oscar

Mike’s Group utilised Quizlet and its flashcards and fun games to explain cations, acids, and Covalent Compounds. They even created their very own game called "Gravity", where players have to drag and drop relevant chemical compounds to match the correct element!

Christopher’s Group

Members: Christopher, Jodie, and Yu Tang

It was a race to get the right answer in this original Chemistry Card Game by Christopher, Jodie, and Yu Tang inspired by the popular card game “Snap”!

Sher Yen’s Group

Members: Sher Yen, Antonia, Anna, and Adrian

Sher Yen’s group introduced us to the idea of Mnemonic Devices, tools that you can use to remember an idea or phrase with patterns of letters, numbers or relatable objects! For example, they use the character “Harry Potter” to memorise “Hydrogen +” as they both share the same initials of H.P.

Jia Hong’s Group

Members: Jia Hong, Sam Chi Hui, Wong Enn Chee, and Yew Yu Hann

“I Bring Close High Fives”. What does that mean? It is just one of the clever ways Jia Hong’s group utilised a combination of acronyms and mnemonics to create fun sentences and phrases that make memorising lengthy lists easy and effective!

Gordon’s Group

Members: Gordon, Maryanne, Samuel, and Dylan

Using a combination of virtual cards and Microsoft Powerpoint, Gordon’s group created a quiz game where players can score points by answering the questions right.

Check out the videos to see just how our students put their creative ideas into action!