“Fall in Love With Gratitude” Appreciation Day

Class of 2020 Graduation
October 4, 2021
Chemistry Project
October 5, 2021

Fall In Love With Gratitude

Heads Up bids congratulations to our students Heeno Cheong Chuo Xuan, Lau Hui Yen, Sam Chi En, Emily Aw Yeong Mun Quan, Dylan Yeo Jin Yi, Tan Sher Yen and Antonia Danielle Emuang for creating and hosting a wonderful online Appreciation Day 2021 event, filled with gratitude and laughter!

The video presentations, heartfelt sketches and e-certificates for teachers reflected the immense effort and preparation that was poured into the project. It was both entertaining and touching for the teachers, as they got to sit back, relax and bask in the students’ appreciation and acknowledgement of their hard work.

Heads Up would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all our dear students for hosting such a brilliant event!