Year 9 Science Density Experiment

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October 4, 2021
Teachers Day
October 4, 2021

Density Experiment By Year 9 Students

Our Year 9 students conducted a science experiment where they measured the density of three objects (clay, paper, and water), the method of which was up to them to figure out.

The lesson began with a mission, where groups of two students were formed by the teacher. A clue card was given as a hint for each group to find the substance that would float, and in turn have the lowest density. Each group however, had a different substance, which ranged from water, liquid detergent, sugar solution, peanuts, rice, candles, and oil.

During the lesson, each group had to answer questions that were posed to them, by which they may score points. Groups who scored the highest points could then exchange their substance with other groups to complete the mission.

Lastly, groups demonstrated their findings to determine which group got the substance with the lowest density.