Sports 2018 – Day 1: Badminton Challenge

Understanding Yourself Session
August 10, 2018
Sports 2018 – Day 2: Captain Ball Challenge
August 15, 2018

It was the first day of Heads Up International’s annual Sports Day 2018, and the afternoon found all the students and many of the teachers in USJ23’s badminton court for the Boys and Girls Singles, as well as the Mixed Doubles matches. Team spirit was high as each house cheered for their representatives. The colours of Burgundy, Orange, Blue and Purple had overtaken the badminton courts, adorning faces, banners and balloons.

In the Mixed Doubles court, Chang Yeou and Clara from Blue, and Zhe Xin and Xhuan Yin from Burgundy, faced off against each other for the gold in the finals. While Blue put up a valiant fight, Burgundy’s duo triumphed in both sets, 21-6 and 21-17.

The Boys Singles final welcomed Orange’s Teng Jin and Burgundy’s Kian Yu back again in the arena, after a similar result in last year’s tournament. What followed was a match that had every spectator on the edge of their proverbial seats, but in the end, Teng Jin overcame Kian Yu’s impressive challenge with a 21-16, 25-23 win.

As the final hour descended on the day, an interesting culmination of events saw Clara and Megan, both from Blue, qualify for the Girls Singles final, much to Blue House’s delight. After a competitive but good-hearted match, Clara came out on top against Megan’s commendable performance, 21-16, and the day drew to a close.

Reported by Shalina May Kumar, Y11